# Introduction

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Typescript support since 1.0.20

Vue-APICloud-Quickstart consists of two parts:

  • The first part is ready.plugin, which mainly solves the API problems, such as api, apiready does not exist in PC browser. Using Vue mixin to register a new life cycle onReady to the Vue instance, onReady will execute after mounted, and ensure that apiready has been executed; registering apiEvent to the Vue instance, which can quickly realize the listening of native events.

  • The other part is help.plugin, which provides us with some common helper methods and mounts them on the Vue instance, which is convenient for us to call. For example, this.$page.push({ Name: 'pagename' }) can be used directly for page Jump.

# How It Works

In fact, Vue-APICloud-Quickstart is based on w-xuefeng/vue-cli-plugin-apicloud (opens new window). With the help of Vue CLI to modify the entry of webpack, as well as some other configurations, the file directory structure needed to develop a multi page application and build it into an apicloud platform using Vue is realized.

# Learning exchange group

Learning exchange group